Monday, February 28, 2011

Gristle Dragger

What's lef tof him is hungry!
You know how sometimes you’re just sittin’ there, eating a turkey club and thinkin’ “I wonder what a Zombie that has half of his body blown off by a fireball looks like”…Yeah mondays
(Prismacolor markers, Hi-Lighters and a Sharpie. 1 hr)

Defender of the Warrens

A modest little tribute to Brian Jacques who died on Feb. 5...I'm going to have to do a better piece, maybe of Martin the Warrior, for someone who brought so much adventure to my childhood.
(fine point Prismacolor pen, green highlighter, Photoshop. 2.5 hrs.)

Yior Knotshoulder

Yior Knotsholder is my cousin Matt’s D&D character. I grew up to tales of this raucous dwarf: the sole proprietor of the Pig Swig Tavern, renowned adventurer and legendary drunk. His famous Haymaker and barrel of pickled fish has laid flat high born, aristocratic Ogres and slum dwelling elves of Evermeet alike.
(Fine Point Prismacolor pen, blue high-lighter and Photoshop. 2 hrs.)

Classic Fighter

18 STR. 7 INT. What else do you need to know?

Another D&Desk rendering of a classic fighter. Ready to skip the speech check and smash some skulls!
(WACOM & Photoshop)

Vetran Warrior

A quick black and white render of a warrior brooding over his burned grilled cheese…
(WACOM & Photoshop)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Sketch, AVANTI!


       Thought I’d kick off this little sketch experiment with a self portrait. I’m not ego centric at all…  (Fine Point Sharpie, Ball point pen, Prismacolor marker and color pencil)