Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rajah, Effrit of the Wastes

Finaly got my scanner on line! original is 14X17 and was a snap to import.

This is just a little character that poped into my head while on the train. She's a poor caravan girl who made a dieing pact with an Effrit which inhabits her body. She lives in a cave made from desert glass that she created with her flames. She wields weapons scavenged from the corpses of those unlucky enough to encounter her in the remote dunes of the wastes. Her blades are charred black from soot and her clothes are little more than singed rags. Her body is covered in fine scales.

(Pencil, Hi-Lighter, colored pencil, Prisma-color markers, 1.5 hrs)

1 comment:

  1. Boobs... :P This is really nice, man. I loved seeing this, in person. Your use of highlighters and markers has really influenced the way I work. It breaks me out of my usual routine and makes sketching more free and fun.

    The lighting is nice in this, as well. I like the observations you made in the image to the right. Your painting and drawing is always so sculptural. I admire that. It makes me consider planes and space in my own work. Great sketches, man.