Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Tomb of Martin

It's been a while, but rest assured that I have a backlog of sketches that I will post when my new scanner comes online, till then here's a digital sketch to tide you over.

This is an image dedicated to the recently departed and much loved Brian Jaques, who's tales of Martin the Warrior shaped much of my childhood ideals of honor and bravery. Though never written in one of his stories (Martin is said to have died of old age) I decided to show the old champion of Red Wall laying in state, above him a relief of his victory over the wildcat Tzarmina. Where Martin and his greatsword, cast adrift on a tabletop amid the flooded plain of Mossflower, drove the evil tyrant into the cold arms of that which she feared the most: a watery grave. With her death a realm was finally established for all good creatures of the forest. And even though Martin would die, as all living things must, his spirit remains as a guiding light for future generations that live, strive and build upon the dreams he first laid down.

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