Monday, June 6, 2011

the Jabberwock: Phase 4-rough color

In this step I add basic color behind my sketch, figuring out how i want the color beats to hit. I'm going with a dark-out-of-light composition with a 4 color split compliment grouping: blue fading to green base with red figure and yellow accents. I try to create a yellow triangle with the boy's hair, gauntlets/sword pommel and cape lining out of which points the blade leading your eye to another triangle of yellow, the creatures two eyes and mouth. I add some yellow eyes to the monsters tail and legs, putting a few more yellow accents to lead the eye up the rest of the image. The secondary red form of the scabbard flowing into the body of the Jabberwocky just gives a little positive space to create depth against the background. It looses some depth of the value sketch, which i don't like, but I plan on re-establish the light shaft and hopefully fix it.
I also finish the text in illustrator, complete with a little dragon made of gold vines, and add a bevel filter and texture in photoshop (I know it's a bit cheesy but oh well)
(7 hours total time)

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